softia U

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softia U, developed in Japan is a food thickener for texture-modified food. softia U improves texture and consistency of food. Using softia U to prepare texture-modified food can help patients with Dysphagia enjoy eating.

  • Amylase resistance
    softia U contains amylase which breaks down starch in food. It reduces the stickiness of food containing starch such as potatoes or noodles. You can prepare many kinds of texture-modified food that patients with dysphagia wish to eat.
  • Solidifies at 158℉
    To prepare texture-modified food, you blend food, broth/water, and softia U and then heat. If you wish to make a shape closer to the image of real food, you can make the shape that you want by using molds or plastic wrap. It starts to solidify at 158℉. If you refrigerate the mixture, it will solidify faster.
  • Can be stored in the freezer
    If the amount of the food is not enough, blending may not work well. If you cook many portions at the same time, you can divide and store in the freezer.