softia S

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softia S, developed in Japan is an Instant food and liquid thickener.
To prepare your ideal consistency, mix softia S and liquid. It increases viscosity rapidly and maintains the same consistency.

  • Lump-free and dissolves instantly
    softia S was developed using the latest particle design. It easily dissolves into liquid. softia S is lump-free and clearer than starch based products.
  • The same amount of thickener produces similar viscosity for various liquids
    It is always clear, odorless, and it does not change the taste of the food. It achieves consistency regardless of the liquid or food’s temperature.
  • Is not affected by amylase of saliva because softia S does not contain starch
    Even if it takes a long time for patients with dysphagia to eat thickened liquid or thickened food, the consistency does not change and it prevents water separation in food.

What is softia S?